LP Turbine

The low pressure steam turbine is located in the fireroom. The LP turbine and the HP or (high pressure) turbines are connected to the main reduction gears which is what turns the main shaft and propeller. Makes the ship go.

Jim Musumeci former BTFN

The Low Pressure Turbine, an assembly of the Main Propusion Turbine set. I remember suggesting that we paint it to look like a Budwiser can lying on it's side. I'm sure I can find a picture of at least part of it from my photos of the great 1981 weenie roast. After that fire we had to light the main space with chem-lites. Kind of reminds me of something from 'apocalypes now'. If you would like to see them, I might try to send them over e-mail.

With regard, Jim, ( the ethersurfing, rightwing spewing, Gun sport'n, leftwing chewing, flying netherweasle ) Jefferson

The LP turbine is 1/2 of the turbine set which drives the propeller. High pressure steam is admitted to the HP turbine which had 8 stages ahead and two astern. The steam passes through each stage causing the wheel to rotate. At each stage the steam cooled a bit and expanded as well. From the HP Turbine it goes through the crossover pipe to the LP turbine. This tur