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USS Nitro Memorial Plaques

The Association has purchased two plaques which are placed on the Commemorative Wall in the Navy Memorial Foundation in Washington D.C.

Click here to see the final plaque designs. They can also be found on our Yahoo! group, NitroCrewmembers, click on "photos".

The Association would like to thank the individuals below for their donation in our effort to purchase the plaques:

Charlotte Bauernfeind, in memory of her husband, Norman Bauernfeind
Mabel Stralo, in memory of her husband, William "Bill" Stralo
La Monte Woods, in memory of her son, Scott Maxey

Gordon R. Ahner
Sims Monroe Aikens
Bobby Anderson
George Antellas, Jr.
George Argy
Richard F. Artale
William P. Baer
Capt. Michael B. Bartlett
Dominick J. Berardi
Mark B. Bernard
John Bochicchio
James Caithamer
Richard Calbo
Wallace D. Carey
Arnold R. Carpenter, Jr.
Kevin G. Clavin
J. Daniel Corcoran
Gary W. Corley
Charles D. Cousin
Peter Dreistadt
Robert F. Eberlein
Leo J. Falconio
Brian T. Farrell
Richard Faytak
William J. Flynn III
John F. Foley
Russell A. Garbutt
Joseph Gentleman
George E. Gregory III
Ulric L. Grigsby Jr.
John Holland
Henry M. Hope Sr.
Lyle Howard
Capt. Thomas Howe, Ret.
Craig Huber
James Hugo
Jan V. Huyck
David B. Jennings
Dennis Johnston
Ned Keech
William Keiler
Robert J. Knoll
Samuel Y. Kobalkin
Richard Leipfert
Brian Lenihan
William E. Lewis
Paul Licker
Leonard J. Limoge
Lawrence L. Little
George R. Livernois
Ralph S. Mason, CDR, USN (Ret.)
John G. Mahler
Edward G. Marino
Kenneth Marvin
John H. Meissner
John L. Miller
John P. Moliere
Frank L. Motyka
Michael M. Mullen
Raymond K. Murray
Jim & Carol Musumeci
Robert D. Peiffer
Juan Reyes-Matos
Howard Root
John & Beverly Sachs
Arnold L. Salmon
Arthur Sanders
L. Oscar Santiago
Jerry Satterfield
Howard Schriefer
James D. Schultz
Don K. Skillman
Barry E. Smith
Raymond L. Smith
Wayne A. Smith
Deanna W. Smitha
Augustine T. Test
Robert Theirrien
Jim Timmons
Vincent J. Troiola
Ron Webb
Philip L. Wise

"We Honor the Men and Women of the United States Navy - past, present and future"
Navy Memorial Commemorative Wall
US Navy Memorial Plaque Wall
To view individual plaques click here.

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