Ships of the Nitro/Suribachi Class AEs

USS Haleakala (AE-25)

Haleakala Patch
USS Haleakala (AE-25), enroute Todd Shipyard

"The Hockey Box"

The following information, gathered from the Naval Vessel Register Web Site and Ships Factsheets from United States Navy's BBS, provides specific statistics of the USS Haleakala:

Light Displacement: 9735 tons
Full Displacement: 16,000 tons full load
Dead Weight: 6224 tons
Overall Length: 512 feet
Waterline Length: 487 feet
Extreme Beam: 72 feet
Waterline Beam: 72 feet
Maximum Navigational Draft: 28 feet
Draft Limit: 29 feet
Speed: Approximately 20 knots
Power Plant: Two boilers, geared turbines, one shaft,
16,000 shaft horsepower
Aircraft:> None
Armament: Four three-inch/50-caliber guns
Complement (Aprox): Officers: 18 - Enlisted: 327
Builders: Bethlehem Steel, Sparrows Point, MD
Launch Date: 02 February 1959
Commission Date: 03 November 1959
Decommission Date: 10 December 1993
Age in years: 34.1

Home Ports: Guam
Custodian: Maritime Administration (National Defense Reserve Fleet)
Status: Disposed of by Navy title transfer to the Maritime Administration


Information from
ETR2 Bill Toohey, USS Haleakala (AE-25), 1966-68
The USS Haleakala was placed "in commission in reserve" from 28 February 1964 to 26 April 1965. In the Todd Shipyard Corporation, Seattle, Washington, she underwent a major overhaul and conversion to the Fully Automatic Shuttle Transfer system (FAST), from which she derived her nickname "The Fast Lady". The FAST system enables Haleakala safely to transfer at sea, at a high rate of speed, the deadly guided missiles of the Unites States Navy.

Pictures as of 08/25/2001
USS Haleakala (AE-25) & USS Virgo (AE-30), Vietnam, Sept. 68
USS Haleakala (AE-25) & USS Virgo (AE-30) on station, Vietnam
Photo courtsey of Corpsman John Jazdzewski, USS Boston (CAG-1), Vietnam Sept. '68
AE-25 aerial viewCarrier underway replenishmentAE-25 fantail

USS Haleakala (AE-25) & USS Boston (GAG-1), Vietnam, Sept. 68
The Hockey Box UNREPS USS Boston (CAG-1)
Photo courtsey of Corpsman John Jazdzewski, USS Boston (CAG-1), Vietnam Sept. '68

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