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The USS Nitro (AE-2 / AE-23) Association (hitherto known as the Nitro Association) establishes the Nitro Association Scholarship Fund (hitherto known as NASF) for pursuance of educational endeavor of a youth and/or adolescent (age 25 and below) entering into or already enrolled in a university, college, academy, trade or vocational school (brick and mortar schools for now), and having a relationship to a Member and/or Associate Member (active or deceased member) in good standing of Nitro Association of at least one (1) year.

NOTE: The Nitro Association reserves the privilege to make alteration(s) to or abolish said NASF as resources may change over time, and said fund is established in good faith but ‘not’ in perpetuity. The Nitro Association duly aspires to transact all NASF business with fair-mindedness and propriety.

Nitro Association Scholarship Fund Guidelines
guidelines in pdf

1. Eligibility:
    (A.) The applicant(s), i.e., the youth and/or adolescent, must specifically identify, link, and show the relationship of one the following; children, grandchildren, niece, nephew, step children or grandchildren, or legally adopted children or grandchildren to the member or associate member. A member must be in good standing with the Nitro Association (deceased or active member) of at least one (1) year prior for the applicant to be in consideration of the NASF.

    (B.) The applicant(s) must be a Senior in high school, a graduate of high school or equivalent (GED); attending a university, college, academy or place of higher education (undergraduate); or a trade or vocational school at the time of submitting the NASF application.

    (C.) At time of application submission, applicant must have maintained 2.0 grade point or higher average and provide a copy of the letter of acceptance from the school in which he/she is enrolling or already is enrolled in, along with grade transcripts.

    (D.) Applicant may be enrolled/enrolling either as a full or part-time student as established by their school or college.

    (E.) The applicant(s) selected to receive the NASF (gift or award) must establish a student account at the school (university, college, academy, trade or vocational school) entering, so the Nitro Association may entrust/deposit directly into the student’s identifiable named account number.

    (F.) The NASF shall be utilized for tuition, school books, student fees, and/or on campus school dormitory.
2. Monetary (NASF) Amount and Recipient Distribution:
    (A.) Currently, the monetary amount set aside for Nitro Association NASF in a calendar year may vary from year to year, and, will be distributed to “X” number of recipient(s). (Yearly gifts and/or bequests will factored into the availability and the amount of the NASF, including the number of applicants selected for recipient distribution.)

    (B.) Initially, scholarships will be awarded in the amount of $500.00 per scholarship for full time students and one-half the scholarship award or $250.00 for part time students. A total of three (3) scholarships with a maximum value totaling $1,500 will be awarded.

    (C.) In the event the student drops out of school, any monies awarded must be returned to the Nitro Association NASF. NOTE: A letter to the school will accompany the scholarship award requesting that if the subject student drops out of school any monies remaining from the award should be returned to the USS Nitro Association, PO BOX 1254, Mishawaka, Indiana 46546-1254.

    (D.) The NASF amount and recipient numbers may vary from year to year. However, it may change by bringing a proposal to the floor at a regularly scheduled Nitro Association business meeting with a quorum, and voted upon by attending members showing favor or opposition, and with majority winning the decision. The business will be duly recorded in the minutes.

    (E.) The Nitro Association Treasurer or other acceptable Executive Board member, shall issue the NASF gift or award within a reasonable frame of time to the school the recipient(s) is or will be attending. The NASF issuance shall clearly identify said recipient’s name and include his/her assigned school identification/account number.

    (F.) Should the selected recipient(s) experience an incapacitating illness or accident before school begins and is unable to attend, the NASF gift or award shall be set aside in the recipient’s name and will show the date of NASF Acceptance: (____-____-20____). The incapacitated recipient(s) NASF gift or award will be available for earliest use but not to exceed a one (1) year period from the date of acceptance. If, after said time, the NASF gift or award remains unused by recipient for educational purposes, the NASF gift or award may revert back into Nitro Association account, or, under prevailing circumstance, Nitro Association reserves the right to redirect said NASF gift or award to an alternative student from that year's applications, with the consent of the majority of members at a regularly scheduled meeting.
3. Applicant Selection:
    (A.) The selection process is yearly and shall be made by placing all qualified applicant names in a blind pool drawing.

    (B.) Before the actual blind drawing in any calendar year occurs, an accounting shall verify all qualified applicants submitting an application within said year are indeed included in said blind pool.

    (C.) At the regularly scheduled USS Nitro Association's June reunion, with additional members present, a name (or names) shall be drawn and the recipient(s) identified. Any member present, having a relative's name in that year's drawing, will refrain from taking part in the actual drawing of names. Applicants need not be present.

    (D.) Dutiful care shall be exercised, before the actual drawing, during the process, and recorded afterward, via entry into USS Nitro Association business meeting minutes.

    (E.) Recipient(s) will be notified via telephone and mail or email confirmation.
4. Application:
    (A.) The Application Form and pertinent information (i.e., the NASF) will be posted for viewing and downloading on the USS Nitro Association website:
    Once the Application Form is completed and signed, it (the form & required documentation) is to be mailed to: USS Nitro Association, PO Box 1254, MISHAWAKA IN 46546-1254.

    (B.) The Application Form and required documentation must be sent and postmarked to the USS Nitro Association ‘no later’ than May 1st of that calendar year.

    (C.) All qualified applicant(s) will be entered into the blind drawing and will receive verification their form was received via either an email or mail notification.

Best Wishes to all Applicants.

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by Jim Timmons
Bob Fluder, former Association MAA and long-time member passed away recently and I had a chance to talk with members of the Fluder and Walz families at the lunch following the service and internment. Bob's daughter introduced me to her father-in-law, who gave me a check for $100 as a donation to the Association in memory of Bob. I told Mr. Walz we would set the donation aside until a project could be agreed upon for the use of the funds. I have since had discussions with Barb Fluder about using the donation as 'seed money' to be used to start a USS Nitro Association Scholarship Fund. This project is just now starting to be formulated and we hope to have detailed information to present at our Minneapolis reunion. It is our hope to be able to gift multiple scholarship awards within the next couple of years, and we are looking into the possibility of having these gifts be 'tax deductible'

For further information about the Nitro Association Scholarship Fund contact Jim Timmons at:

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