Photo of Jim Timmons
Jim Timmons
[Military service] United States Navy 1965 - 1969. Duty stations: Basic Training, Great Lakes Naval Training Station; USS AMPHION (AR-13); Yeoman "A" school, Bainbridge, MD; Commander Fleet Air Quonset, Quonset Point Naval Air Station, Quonset Point, RI; USS NITRO (AE-23), YN3 in Operations Department 1968-69.

[Currently] Living in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Owner of JAMESCO, a manufacturer's representative company, servicing Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan with computer software for the home care industry and accounting software. Married to Susan for 25+ years (after awhile you stop counting). Have one married son (Neil) and a daughter (Cindy) who is studying Police Science at college.