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Military Readiness: Navy Is Making Progress Implementing Its Fleet Response Plan, but Has Not Fully Developed Goals, Measures, and Resource NeedsGAO-08-264(582kb)
Business Systems Modernization: Department of the Navy Needs to Establish Management Structure and Fully Define Policies and Procedures for Institutionally Managing InvestmentsGAO-08-53(798kb)
Military Personnel: The Navy Has Not Provided Adequate Justification For Its Decision to Invest in MCTFSGAO-07-1139R(149kb)
Defense Acquisitions: Realistic Business Cases Needed to Execute Navy Shipbuilding ProgramsGAO-07-943T(478kb)
Defense Acquisitions: Navy Faces Challenges Constructing the Aircraft Carrier Gerald R. Ford within BudgetGAO-07-866(2272kb)
Navy Working Capital Fund: Management Action Needed to Improve Reliability of the Naval Air Warfare Center's Reported Carryover AmountsGAO-07-643(959kb)
Defense Infrastructure: Environmental Cleanup of Former Naval Facilities on ViequesGAO-07-552R(298kb)
Military Base Closures: Projected Savings from Fleet Readiness Centers Likely Overstated and Actions Needed to Track Actual Savings and Overcome Certain ChallengesGAO-07-304(865kb)
Defense Acquisitions: Challenges Remain in Developing Capabilities for Naval Surface Fire SupportGAO-07-115(1014kb)
Information Technology: DOD Needs to Ensure That Navy Marine Corps Intranet Program Is Meeting Goals and Satisfying CustomersGAO-07-51(2236kb)
Depot Maintenance: Improvements Needed to Achieve Benefits from Consolidations and Funding Changes at Naval ShipyardsGAO-06-989(410kb)
Propulsion Systems for Navy Ships and SubmarinesGAO-06-789R(615kb)
Defense Acquisitions: Challenges Associated with the Navy's Long-Range Shipbuilding PlansGAO-06-587T(393kb)

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