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AE23-1964 AE23_1.JPG AE23_2.JPG AE23_3.JPG AE23_4.JPG AE23_8.JPG AE-23 at anchor USS Nitro (AE-23) bell on board the USS Wisconsin
AE23at Curacao AE-23 in the Philadelphia Navy Yard #1 AE-23 in the Philadelphia Navy Yard #2 AE-23 on 03/18/1960 AE-23 on 03/16/1965 AE-23 USS Nitro ALTAIR FORRESTAL NITRO AE23 in Brooklyn Navy Yard
AE23 01/30/1978 AE23-INTREPID James River Reserve Fleet nest Feb06 AE23NITRO Jim's license plate AE-23 #10 Navy Times - Ship In The Spotlight
Bob Hope Xmas Show aboard the USS John F. Kennedy Dec. 18, 1970 Seuda Bay, Crete  Underway March 1972 Suribachi & Nitro Philadelphia Naval Shipyards mothball fleet 6-12-98 USS Nitro AE-23 at pier in NWS Earle, August 1980 USS Nitro at sea 1961-1962
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by John Bochicchio, Thanks John!
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John L. Emory and Jerald W. Heaberlin  H (Bomb) Knoble Pickles shipmates Sylnav Alexander 'Wack' Harrington - Was ships SAR swimmer from 89 to 90 Coach Schneider Jeff Marlow YN3 at fountain Villa Borghese Garden, Rome 1970
Jeff Marlow YN3 at Ristorante across from Pantheon, Rome 1970 Pat Gerrity 70-72 in Villa Borghese Garden, Rome 1970 Pat Gerrity 70-72 on train to Rome 1970 Pat Gerrity at Trevi Fountain, Rome 197 Pat Gerrity SN at fountain in Villa Borghese Garden, Rome 1970 141516
AFTERTHEFIRE Personal message to ComSixthFlt from RADM Fontaine
#1 Hold Boiler Board Steamall Newspaper Article on Fire #1 Newspaper article on Fire #2 AE-23 circa 198978

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