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Information about the sell and scrapping of the xUSS Nitro AE-23 Click here

Decommissioning Ceremony booklet 28 April 1995

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    AE-23 fact sheet
    Commanding Officers AE-23
    Facts and Figures for the AE-23
    Command History of the AE-23 provided by Bill Wright
    Pictures from NISMF of AE-23 Photos by NISMF, Philadelpia
    Nitro/Suribachi Class Ammunition Ships
    USS Nitro AE-23 ships' prints
    USS Nitro (AE-23) and USS JP Kennedy (DD-850) Incident
    '72 Nitro - Oriskany Gulf of Tonkin collision from the US Navy Cruiser Sailors Association's Winter 2010 magazine
    The Virtual Nitro Class Ammunition Ship
    MARAD disposal solicitations

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